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5 Ways To Lose Weight

Ketogenic Dieting

It is common to hear people who have been dieting to complain about hitting a plateau with their weight loss. They are looking for a way to get over that plateau and some will resort to extreme measures such as liquid fasting. We are going to review a short list of things that are commonplace with a weight loss plateau and for the ketogenic dieter.  It could be causing havoc. Now this won’t cover everything, but it does offer information on a range of topics.


Hidden Carbs

Ketogenic dieters are consuming more carbs than they realize. Carbs hide in meats, nuts and vegetables, even peanut butter!Some veggies that are full of carbs are broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and squash. They may be low-carb, but the amount of carbs each has can add up quickly. For most of us, the centerpiece of our meals is the meat. And there isn’t any direction you can look where there isn’t sugar in the foods around us. Bacon comes honey smoked even!

Fortunately, there is bacon available that has no added sugar. Your canned meats, chorizo, and Italian sausages have as much as five-percent carbs per serving.

If you take OTC medications for allergies and colds, they can have as much as nineteen-percent carbs. Fortunately again, there are options that are low-sugar and even sugar-free that were designed for diabetics but are great for those on a low-carb diet too.

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Counting Calories

Most people have a misconception regarding ketogenic diets. They believe that if they count their carbs, the weight will fall off. That couldn’t be further from reality. Dieting is much like a mathematical formula. When you are consuming more calories than you burn, that leaves excess calories and they don’t simply disappear? Your body stores them.

So when you eat foods with fat, there a lot of calories. Then you feel full and satisfied but with empty calories. Thus, you aren’t getting the amount of calories you need and you need calories to lose weight.

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Sensitivity to Food

Even people who have perfectly followed their daily macros will hit a plateau. This could be that their bodies are sensitive certain food types, such as dairy. A lot of people are sensitive to foods like butter, cream, and yogurt. If you have hit a diet plateau, try eliminating these from your diet.
Your body may also be sensitive to gluten such as low-carb pasta or protein bars. Today there are many foods that are gluten-free on the market.

Keeping Consistent

It is important when on a ketogenic diet to keep consistent. It will usually take several days for your body to adapt to a ketogenic diet, so even one day of cheating, even one meal, can take your body time to recover and essentially start over. A weekly weight check can show a four to six pounds gain if you cheated last week! It could be water weight, but it can also be unwanted fat weight. Track your daily macros to help you stay consistent and it will add a layer of strictness to your diet. This will make it easier to realize where you’ve made mistakes over time. When you don’t track your carbs, it is easy for those hidden carbs to sneak up and push you out of ketosis.

Protein Intake

When you are in ketosis, having too much protein is bad because as much as fifty-six percent of all protein will break down into glucose. While our bodies love to run on glucose, we want it to run on the excess fat instead.  So even though your body and brain still need glucose in small amounts to survive, they get enough from the liver for most of us.